Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First selfie

I know that selfies are all the rage right now but this is really nothing new...the above photo was my first selfie taken in 1976. I was 11 years old. I was on an airplane flying home by myself from my grandparents house. I was using my Kodak Instamatic so you can guess what happened as I discretely tried to take this photo...."KLICK" or "KLUNK" whatever embarrassingly loud sound that box makes. Oopsie...nothing to see here....

Of course, I couldn't see it until months later when we finally got around to developing the FILM, otherwise I might have retaken a better photo. Maybe. There was that embarrassing clunking noise to consider.

In the 80's we used mirrors for selfies. My BFF Lisa G thought I was taking her photo, but really I made sure I was in there too - yes, my first sneaky selfie.  Apparently it was normal for us to carry our wine glasses into the restaurant bathroom....what?!  Lisa G was my down-the-street-neighbor. One year older and much cooler than me but she let me tag along and she also didn't mind playing Barbies with me, teehee.

This was how she got a group selfie in the 80's...just hold the camera up really high:

Mirror selfies were difficult taken at night because we had to use Flash. Of course, we mostly partied at night so we had a lot of these who-the-heck-is-taking-the-photo photos (in this one it was Lisa G): 

That's me (on the right) with my Duran-Duran haircut and Miami Vice peach buttoned-up-all-the-way-to-the-neck so you won't notice the cigarette and drink in my hand, long string of pearls, huge round white earrings....

Oh, yes, shaved hair around the ears (I'm on the left)...I was into the Cure, Stray Cats, the Vandals, Dead Kennedys, Oingo Boingo, Depeche Mode and the Smiths...and my other BFF who also happens to be named Lisa (on the right) had every single 8-track (I'll explain later, kids) of Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin. 

I met Lisa W. in 6th grade, when I accidentally spilled a can of Coke in my desk and she helped me clean it up. (What 12-year-old sneaks a Coke into class and thinks that's a good idea? Me apparently).  Here we are at school:

I know what you're're thinking "Wow, Donna Lyn had the coolest overalls!"  I know, right? They were a brand new pair and I wore them on the Last Day of School so you know they were Super Special to me because I lived in Seal Beach, California so it was probably pretty darn hot on the last day of school! But I will suffer for fashion. Always.

Lisa W. had one drawer in her room that was filled with Lip Smackers (the jumbo size was the only size they used to come in and they were COOL!!)  I used to go over to her house and smell every single one. Often. Fruit Punch and Dr Pepper were my favorites.Lisa W's dad was a sheriff and she was a good girl but she loved me anyway!

And you know what? She still does! I recently had the opportunity to see both of my Lisa's in person and it was just like old times (well, without the Lip Smackers, cigarettes and you know...)

I love these ladies!! They have been through a lot with me and know everything about me. I moved around a lot as a child so finally taking some roots in Seal Beach and keeping these friendships means the world to me. 

And, look! We even got a selfie:

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Back to blogging....

My Hero has expressed disappointment that I haven't been blogging much lately. Apparently he enjoys checking in on our 3 girls and a prince while he is gallivanting serving around the world. So while he texts me photos like this:

I'm out and about taking photos like this:

1 Tween and 2 Teenagers in the house.

They do not want me to post photos. 
They do not want me blogging about...much, if anything.

There comes a time in a girl's life (and I'm assuming it will come in our prince's life as well) when they hit Middle School and suddenly Everything Becomes a Very Big Deal. I respect that. I remember hating surviving Middle School - what was then called "Junior High" - I can't imagine having a mother post photos and rants during my awkward years. 

But an even Bigger Deal is High School. This past year having a Senior in the house has been a true roller coaster ride! My girls are pretty private. They are pretty and they are private. They don't post endless selfies or tweet about every moment of every day. I respect that too.'s just me and my Creative Memories Soap Opera ("as the CM World Turns") which I already blog a little bit about on my blog. And all the dashing here there and everywhere surviving suburbia:

indoor soccer


more basketball...different nights....oy!


and Cheerleading

3 girls and a prince
4 sports
2 cars
 1 mom
1 super dad who also gets deployed (Reserves) quite frequently and likes to check on the Blog

Isn't that what our scrapbooks are for? 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

sugar's first school musical...

Sugar followed in her big sister(s) footsteps and tried out for the Middle School musical. She was so excited to be a Townsperson in Charlotte's Web. She rehearsed from November until February learning songs and dances and her one line.  

On the last night she asked me to take her photo "for the poster."  It was then that I realized she thought I was going to make a collage poster from the play to hang in our garage - because this is what I had done for her older sisters when they were in several Middle School plays. 

You think they aren't paying attention and then they mention something like that...which by the 3rd kid, I was kind of over making the collage posters (and the company I was with back then who made them no longer makes them).  They used to hang in my office but Blondie was embarrased by them and didn't seem to care so I moved them into the garage. But little Sugar...she was watching and waiting for her chance to be featured on a poster.

She had a small part but she enjoyed every minute of it. She enjoyed singing and dancing on stage. She especially enjoyed putting on the makeup and costumes, and signing autographs each night...receiving flowers from her "fans."  She even attended the Cast Party and stayed until midnight - covered in kisses from the cast when I picked her up (as is tradition). I'm so proud of you Sugar! You are shining your own kind of light and trying new things. We are blessed to have the arts so strong in our community and our schools. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

February snow storm!

 I'm one of the crazy ones who actually wanted it to snow this winter in the city. I love Snow Days! I love when the weather does what it's supposed to do each season. I like to be bundled up in the winter, sneezing in the spring (dare I say the flowers are worth it?), sweating in the summer, and I especially love crisp Fall mornings with sunny afternoons....

So when we had a couple of years with no Snow Days (one Dusting Day) .... this February was FUN!
We happen to live on the tippy top of a very steep street so when it snowed over night, the morning we woke up to our own private ski resort (without the convenient rope-tows or lifts). This was our bunny hill....where most of the younger kids went down. It was still super steep and fast!
And this was our Black least from a momma's perspective. If you look really, really close you can see the tiny specks at the bottom...that is how long and steep and epic this "hill" is. In fact, snow boarders and skiers were even taking a plunge on this hill...dodging all the kids on their sleds.

One of our neighbors got into the spirit and tried to look like Santa Claus with his frothy white beard:

I mostly enjoyed baking cookies, fixing up hot chocolate and being the Official Person In Charge of the Ever Revolving Dryer. Not a pleasant job but it sure made everybody happy putting on their toasty mitten and socks! By the time I got one kid ready for the outdoors, another kid would pop in to warm up, so back to the hot chocolate and cookies while their gloves and socks were drying...then back on and then another kid pops get the picture. Exhausting for Momma! But at the end of the day everybody sure sleeps well! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sweet 16!

Our Jelly-in-the-Middle had her Sweet 16 birthday!
We celebrated in style!!

This is such a milestone birthday!! Each birthday is a milestone but 16 is one of the "big" ones because of the whole "you are legally able to get your driver's license now."
Not that we are in a hurry for that. 
Because I'm not.
Not yet.

Not until we are out of ice cream on a Friday night and I'm too lazy tired to run down to the local grocery store...then maybe I will wish for another licensed driver in the family...

Sooo we surprised Jelly with her own sweet ride for her Sweet 16...

Our driver took the girls downtown for a little sight seeing and a stop for dinner.
It's fun saying "our driver."  Like we have him all the time. 

Of course I had to follow the girls around with my camera...but I didn't get in the limo with them.
Really, I didn't. 
Well, just for one photo. They were holding up the Martinelli's Sparkling Cider bottles that I had just handed them so I didn't think the photo was appropriate to post here.  These are super sweet girls who are great students, athletes, artists, musicians, friends... Such an eclectic mix of awesomeness and creativity! Just like our Jelly!  If any girls deserve a limo (and I think all girls/women should have the fun of riding in a limo at least once in their lives), it's these gals!

After dinner our driver (see? I just had to say it again)....drove them back to our house for a 
super Sweet Cake and Dessert Bar!

Jelly designed this cake with ideas she turned out so beautiful.
The bottom layer was Lemon Poppyseed and the top layer was Vanilla.

We opened presents and enjoyed cake. 

When the party was over we gave each guest a Goodie Bag to fill up with Candy as their take home treat.

 It was an amazing night full of celebration and laughter. It is such a blessing to have a Sweet 16! May she feel loved and honored and encouraged!  Life goes fast -  Celebrate Everything!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


The stomach bug has hit our household (the 4 kids got it one after another instead of all at the same time...there are pros and cons to either...let's just say I'm hoping it's over soon!) soooo anyway,  I'm a bit behind but my intention is to jump on this 31 Days to Get Organized assignments with Peter Walsh this month (maybe I'll stretch it into February). Who else is doing this? I've heard from a friend who did it last year and it was brutal but she said this year it's been much easier because of the work she did last January! That is encouraging! Let's do this!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Goals Review

Tonight I printed out my 2013 Goals from last New Year's blog post. There were 31 items in no particular order.

I marked each one as either:

accomplished (check);
in process or half-way attempted (bullet);
did not accomplish (down arrow).

9 were half-way or in process.

6 did not get accomplished.

16 were whole heartedly checked off as accomplished! 

Some received 2 different marks because I started the year off really strong for the first 6 months then towards the end of the year fell into Major Slack Off Mode (my weight fit into this pattern, as did weekly scrapbooking, stewardship...)

This isn't being graded and my access to heaven won't be denied for not having checked everything off my list. This list isn't even a complete list of what I did or did not accomplish in 2013. What it does is serve as a guide throughout the year for me to live intentionally. It's also just one of the reasons why I love New Year's Eve so much. I have always enjoyed setting goals and making lists. 

Now I'm using this list to create a new list for 2014 which I will share tomorrow. How about you? Did you accomplish most of what you set out to in 2013? Have you made your new list or vision board for 2014?