Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thirty-One Gifts Enrollment Kit

the Big Pink Box is in the house!!
as you can see I am very excited!!

I have been praying for another job for 4 years. I have prayed and waited and watched.
I have researched and looked at other job opportunities and many companies.
Finally, a company caught my eye and my heart and my passion.
I took a leap of faith and now everything seems to be happening so fast!

So, yah, I'm a little excited.
(It is tradition with the team that I joined to take a photo when you receive your Enrollment Kit.)

I was so impressed when I opened it!
The very first thing is a little welcome booklet with a DVD message from Thirty-One CEO & Founder Cindy Monroe

I won't share what was in that little booklet (in case someone reading this wants to do this business too, I don't want to ruin the surprise and fun of opening their 'business in a box') but it was a very inspiring message and a recipe for success.

part of that recipe can be found in the little mirror at the end of the booklet.
(No, it's not my ceiling light!)

the products! (with personalization)

 the toolbox! (business supplies) 

 Thirty-One is all about encouraging women
Encourage -- Celebrate -- Reward
So of course they included super cute stationery!

 This is everything that came in my Enrollment Kit.
Over $300 in products and business supplies for just $99.
So if all else fails, I'll have some awesome products for myself, haha!

I'm sooo excited to finally see all this in person!! (Is that strange? I signed up before even seeing the products in person. It was all based on testimonials and reviews and photos! Talk about a leap of faith -- and the power of the internet!) Now I have 7 parties booked and I will hopefully be able to earn my first incentive - the Start Swell Kit:
My 3 girls and a prince are even excited about 'mommy's new business!'  It is fun to see their enthusiasm and when they came home to see The Box, they were totally excited with each item I pulled out. I know I need to balance out all this excitement so I have been sticking with my daily routine of first excercise, then prayer-time/bible study. I have made it 4 out of 7 days on average for excercising and 7 out of 7 days for the prayer time/devotional time.  

This is the lowest time of Winter too...I fight the dark clouds coming into my life daily. Many people who live in the Northwest deal with the cloudy days and the seasonal depression that can sink in. Having this new business to focus on has really helped me. Especially since their new catalog Spring/Summer is available February 1st and everything in my Kit is so bright and cheerful. It really is a pick-me-up!

I've been reading a ton of Thirty-One success stories from women on the east side of the country where all this started (Ohio) and I can't help but wish and hope that maybe I could be one of those success stories out here on the west coast. But that kind of thinking is my thinking and not God's thinking. He says we are already a success. Created in the image of Him. Not by works but by Faith. So I pull my head out of the clouds (dark or otherwise) and I breathe. I thank God for this breath. I take the next step...and another step...and another fully relying on Him. The creator of all things!

Today I am thankful for the opportunity to join a growing, thriving company especially in these economic times when many companies are struggling. My upline Director told me recently that Thirty-One Gifts is like "Vera Bradley meets the Container Store at Target prices" -- and that is one of the reasons I think they are so succesful. They aren't overpriced and they are something that women truly love - being pretty and having their 'stuff' together!

Make a great day!


  1. Thank you for this story :-). I plan to start selling very the OJ incentive :-). And hope I can be even ,wildly successful so I can feel a bit more useful with finances as a stay at home mom :-). Glad it has worked out SO WELL for you!

  2. you will love it! So easy to sell and everything is so practical and pretty! I'm still excited after two years of selling Thirty-One :)